"Where excellence defines"

Excellence is one of our motto, this word inspired us to make better service and helping our customer so they can moving forward as a better company. To realize this vision we offer solution for your critical IT infrastructure 

Here are our solution:

  • Develop TOR (Term of Reference) for IT Implementation
  • IT Project Implementation
  • IT Support / Maintenance
  • Software Development

To keep your company moving forward and response to changes on business world. Developing Human Resource is the major issue, to keep business on track and bring a new idea, develop a person with fresh mind and better skill on their field is very important.

That way we offer you various IT workshop, here are our courses:


  • Finance (FI/CO, BPC)
  • Logistic (MM, SD, PM, QM)
  • Production (PP)
  • Technical (ABAP, BASIS, BW, BO)
  • Industy Solutins (REM, OIL & GAS, RETAIL, etc,..)


  • Windows Server
  • Windows Client/workstation
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

IT Soft Skill

  • ITIL
  • CISA


As the owner of a small company, you have probably entertained the thought of outsourcing some aspect of your business. The benefits of outsourcing seem obvious, touted by experts across numerous industries as the answer to cutting costs for business functions ranging from information technology to accounting, marketing and human resources; it seems possible that you could run an entire company without ever hiring a single employee

Some benefits of outsourcing:

1. Access to the latest and greatest in technology

2. Cost Savings.

3. High quality of staff

4. Flexibility

5. Job security and burnout reductions for regular employees

We provide high quality resources on many IT field with various level skill.