Terms of reference describe the purpose and structure of a project, commitee, meeting, negotiation, or any similiar collections of people who have agreed to work together to accopmlish a shared goal. The terms of reference of a project are often reffered to as the project charter

Terms of reference show how the object in question will be deined, developed, and verified. They should also provide a documented basis for making future decisions and for confirming or developing a common understanding of scope among stakeholders. In order to meet these criteria,success factors/risks and constraints are fundamental/ They are very important for project proposals.

Creating detailed terms of referance is critical as they define the:

  • Vision, objectives, scope and deliverables (i.e. what has to be achieved)
  • Stakeholders, roles and responsibilities (i.e. who will take part in it)
  • Resource, financial and quality plans (i.e. how it will be achieved)
  • Work breakdown structure and schedule (i.e. when it will be achieved)

They should include:

Success factors/risks and constraints.